A Briliant war

Hi friends, I want to tell you a story of Transformer Optimus prime after killing Megatron, He had a stronger enemy then Megatron it was the spark and core of Cybertron , It was Unicron he was more powerful than Megatron, It was the core of Cybertron it had such a big power to just kill and destroy the whole planet because he did not belong to that planet but in this war Alphatron helped them and with the shield of solus prime he just set the shield on the ground all over Cybertron so Unicron can’t  come out to destroy the Autobots Autobots took one of the left decepticons and put a piece of dark energon in him because it was the blood of Unicron and through it Autobots can reach him, they reached there but the question was that what should they do, there were some big birds they had to fight with and they easily defeated them and headed forward, they saw a big gate which kingsky broke and in it was Unicron who easily had wounded all autobots except Kingsky, he defeated Unicron with the help of Metrix of leadership. and finally Unicron was defeated!!!!! and one more victory of Kingsky!


The story of Transformers

    Hi, Friends, here I am telling about a story of Transformers.The name is

The Adventures of Optimus Prime

Optimus with his Autobots had to attack Megatron’s ship with their new weapon ,star-saver but the ship was defended by a shield which was only breakable by the star saver, they had to make a Difficult plan because the Deseptigons were better planners than the Autobots. the plans of Deseptigons were When the Autobots would attack, they will not attack back they would take their strongest weapon, “The Forge”, The dark star- saver and other strong weapons which were usable. Optimus went to spy on the Deseptigons and he came to know about their plans. The plan of Autobots was they go to their own planet and get the deadly weapon the ” The Inostrical Dark saver and when the Deseptigons came to take the Inostrical dark saver they would attack them The dark saver was with Optimus, When the Deseptigons came through the space bridge, Optimus Mistakenly threw the saver into the space bridge, it exploded and all the Deseptigons and Autobots went on on a Robotic world of Sgortron, The robots living over there thought that the Autobots and Deseptigons were a Devil to them. Deseptigons had more power so they managed to fight with the robots and the Autobots but the Autobots were not as strong. Optimus got an Idea, he went to the place where they had landed through the space bridge crash. He went there and found the Inostrical dark saver. He saw a ship landing, he called two of his strongest Autobots and he went to the ship and to their surprise it was an Autobot ship! with many attacking features!. An Autobot came out he was super in fights that I can’t explain. Meanwhile at the base Deseptigons had attacked, The new Autobot’s name was Kingsky, he entered his ship and and attacked the Deseptigons with his strongest grenade, whole group was destroyed who came to attack but many many more were left. Optimus prime joint kingsky in his team, when the robots attacked them it was more deadly than world war II it was amazing to see that kingsky killed most of the Deseptigons and Robots at the end of the deadly war Kingsky, Optimus and his Autobots were also wounded. Optimus prime in the cybertronein (the language of Autobots and Deseptigons) language means Prime minister the leader would observe any Autobot and if he would feel that this Autobot deserves to be a prime he gives them a Metrix. It happened with Kingsky also. After the deadly war the leader gave another metrix to King sky and his name converted into Kingskus prime. And so on I’ll write more stories about him and AND WE CAN NAME THE WAR IN THE STORY THE WORLD WAR III. You’ll be able to know about the more four deadly wars but in this story Megatron died..

My kilad Trip

Recently i went to Kilad for camping with my schoolmates – all grade 2 students and our maams . We started in early morning and took our first break only after 1 and half hour for few mins and  we reached Kilad  in 3 hrs .

We discussed with our sir about the place and animals around . Camp site was just really awesome ,we had to stay in Tents .Those tents were settled on blocks of sand and held tightly with nails around . Our maams made some groups from us   ie – King cobra ,Leopard ,Elephant etc . I was in Elephant group with 5 of my friends  and didi . After taking a lunch break we had a nice river Bath – WOW . It was my second bath in river 🙂

After that we had another break to rest in our tents ,approx 1 hour , luv was the group leader who slapped jainam because he was doing some naughty things . In evening we went for trekking which i loved very much as it was like an adventure game with many levels , there was a robot shaped rock too we jumped from there . We had to walk on a muddy path full with puddles .I saw some deer also there . To cross the river we jumped like supermen from island to island  . when we reached to the end point a bus came to pick us up after half n hour rest , back to camp site .

After  having our dinner we watched a movie – Lion king 3 . The there was a camp fire for us , we danced a lot on different songs ie chamakk challo , Dhoom etc . All we slept in our camp after that me and manav shared our sleeping bag .

Day – 2

After waking up first thing we packed our luggage and refreshed , after a little playing with friends we reached on breakfast table and there was waiting my Favorited snack MAGGIE ofcourse with bourvita milk too we had too drink but i enjoyed it .

Then after a little more playing we formed a queue to reach to river for our morning bath , there i played a prank with my friends i acted like i was sinking in water but actually i had my feet firmed on a rock 🙂 we were throwing water on each other . i saw some fishes there and caught them in my hands too ..then we went in our tent  to pickup our luagge to start returning journey , so i can share my experiences with my mom and dad .

To check pictures of this trip click – here