The Monkey’s Courage

It was a Monday morning, the beginning of our summer holidays, my mom and me had gone to the park nearby our house for a pleasant walk. This park where we went, was full of monkeys. A group of six monkeys was jumping around (thankfully not on the walking track) No worries, these were Langurs and wouldn’t attack. These were a part of the wildlife of the Vaishali Nagar Park in Jaipur, Rajasthan. While taking rounds around the park, we noticed a fight between a dog and the group of monkeys, I carefully observed it as the fighting level increased …

… initially the stray dog  was chasing the Langur, wherever the Langur went, the stray dog would stealthily follow the little old monkey. As we finished a couple of rounds, the baby monkeys (there were two) were also trapped in this situation. Now there were stray dogs, one chasing the monkeys and one behind the little baby monkeys. No worries, the baby was still protected by its mom. Another couple of rounds we took, to our surprise, the stray dog who joint afterwards escaped and ran away and the dog who was initially there was being chased by the monkeys. All the four adult monkeys were sick and tired with the dog(s) threatening the baby monkeys so they all turned from fast to furious and started chasing the ‘left alone’ dog gruesomely.

This was a funny as well as a hilarious moment for all the morning walkers. This was a great experience also i.e the monkeys showed up and made the dog run up in circles. While we were returning home we stopped outside the entrance of the park to see the dog run out of the park in terror as the monkeys took a great revenge on the dog. I observed all this down and read this story aloud to everyone who were at home this is the same story that you’ve just read.



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