What’s the IT part of science all about !!!!

Hi friends, do you want to know that what is IT[ Information Technology ] all about. Well I am going to tell you some facts like the structure of a battery, how wires when connected to batteries connect two electronic places and supply electricity etc.

So first we need to learn basics like how can electricity can be created easily.

Everything is made up of atoms. Each one of them has three particles : protons, neutrons and electrons. Electrons spin around the center of an atom. They have a negative charge  Protons, which are in the center of atoms, have a positive charge.Normally, an atom has as many protons as it has electrons. It is stable or balanced.

Carbon, for example has six protons and six electrons.Scientists can make electrons travel from one atom to another. An atom that loses electrons is positively charged, an atom that gets more electrons is negatively charged.

Electricity is created when electrons move between atoms. Positive atoms look for free negative electrons and attract them, so that they can be balanced.                                       So now you know how electricity is created.Yahoo 🙂 . Now next step.                                 You might be wondering that how electrons [ electricity ] can go through these rubber covered wires, am I right or wrong?

You know what is a battery cap, a real one has red and black wires in which  one end is attached to the sockets and the other end nowhere. These wires take energy from batteries.

The wires are covered with rubber, but they have metals inside them. For shock protection they are covered with rubber. As in chemistry we all know that metals are good conductors of electricity, that’s the reason they carry electricity in them

Enough of basics.Lets study the structure of batteries now

Even though there are many different types of batteries, they always have these main parts inside: a cathode, an anode, a separator, an electrolyte, and a collector.Some batteries might have more parts.

The cathode is the one that connects to the (+) positive terminal, and the anode is the one that connects to the (-) negative terminal. Between these two, also known as the electrodes, is where the chemical reaction takes place.

The separator is the one that separates the anode and the cathode from touching while the chemical reaction takes place between them.

The electrolyte is something that allows the electric charge to flow between the cathode and the anode.Lastly, the collector is the one that conducts the charge to the outside of the battery.

When wires connected to working batteries they carry electricity, why? why? why? does this happen , lets study this now.

We learnt that there is metal inside the wires, metals are good conductors of heat and electricity, batteries on both ends have metals  So when the metal part of the red wire touches the (+) part of the battery and the black wire touches the (-) part of the battery the base is formed. Now when the red wire touches the (-) part of ‘anything’ and the black wire touches the (+) part of ‘anything’ the electron transfer starts and that ‘anything starts working, hurray 🙂



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