A Briliant war

Hi friends, I want to tell you a story of Transformer Optimus prime after killing Megatron, He had a stronger enemy then Megatron it was the spark and core of Cybertron , It was Unicron he was more powerful than Megatron, It was the core of Cybertron it had such a big power to just kill and destroy the whole planet because he did not belong to that planet but in this war Alphatron helped them and with the shield of solus prime he just set the shield on the ground all over Cybertron so Unicron can’t  come out to destroy the Autobots Autobots took one of the left decepticons and put a piece of dark energon in him because it was the blood of Unicron and through it Autobots can reach him, they reached there but the question was that what should they do, there were some big birds they had to fight with and they easily defeated them and headed forward, they saw a big gate which kingsky broke and in it was Unicron who easily had wounded all autobots except Kingsky, he defeated Unicron with the help of Metrix of leadership. and finally Unicron was defeated!!!!! and one more victory of Kingsky!


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