Summer holiday at Ranthambore Tiger reserve

We started our journey from Jaipur in car. We travelled with our family friends. .In middle we lost our way as my father was using his GPS system  ) : but finally we reached Ranthambore

When we reached first we ate our lunch , in between my mother went to choose cottage .Me and  my 1 friend also went along with her .  My cottage no. was C-3 and my family friends cottage no. was C-4 just next to us . First when we entered in our cottage we took some rest , then after waking up we went to take a trip of Sawaimadhopur .  We returned back at 8 pm , in dinner there was potatos curry , mix  vegetable, curd, Rotis , naans etc . After having the yummy dinner we we went in our family friends’ cottage to have a tea. My 2 friends were playing with me. After having the tea we went in our cottage and then we slept tight as we were very tired

                                           Day 1

The next day was my mothers birthday . We planed to take a safari and  to visit Gardh  Ganesh mandir after that ( we do visit mandir on birthdays to get blessings from god ). We got ready early in morning and went for safari in safari Jeep . there we were thinking that we will see tiger but we didn’t saw it  but we saw so many deers, peacocks, sambhars.So i got angry and in middle we feeded birds ,  after feeding birds i felt little better 🙂 and then we continued our safari . While returning we went to a restaurant named jaika , me and my friend khushi ate noodles and pav bhaji  ,adults ate rotis, naans and subji etc .After we returned back to our cottage we slept for half n hour . At 3 pm we got ready to visit Ganesh mandir in Ranthambore Fort  . My 1 friend took some biscuits  from her cottage and when we reached their a monkey snatched all her biscuits and my friend got scare , then i laughed ha, ha, ha. !!!

 we started to climb while climbing in fort we took break 3,4 times to click photographs of beautiful landscape and finally reached there. In mandir there were so many mouse.After the pooja we clicked some more photos and returned back so we can celebrate  my mothers birthday in our cottage . we planned our another safari next day early morning .

         Day 2

The next day we woke up early morning for the safari. Sadly this time we saw all the animals that we saw last time but not the tiger but this time no one but I saw the tail and the head of the tiger for my eyes are strong. When the safari was finished we went back to our cottage to pack up and the train tickets were booked so I happily went home : )



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