My kilad Trip

Recently i went to Kilad for camping with my schoolmates – all grade 2 students and our maams . We started in early morning and took our first break only after 1 and half hour for few mins and  we reached Kilad  in 3 hrs .

We discussed with our sir about the place and animals around . Camp site was just really awesome ,we had to stay in Tents .Those tents were settled on blocks of sand and held tightly with nails around . Our maams made some groups from us   ie – King cobra ,Leopard ,Elephant etc . I was in Elephant group with 5 of my friends  and didi . After taking a lunch break we had a nice river Bath – WOW . It was my second bath in river 🙂

After that we had another break to rest in our tents ,approx 1 hour , luv was the group leader who slapped jainam because he was doing some naughty things . In evening we went for trekking which i loved very much as it was like an adventure game with many levels , there was a robot shaped rock too we jumped from there . We had to walk on a muddy path full with puddles .I saw some deer also there . To cross the river we jumped like supermen from island to island  . when we reached to the end point a bus came to pick us up after half n hour rest , back to camp site .

After  having our dinner we watched a movie – Lion king 3 . The there was a camp fire for us , we danced a lot on different songs ie chamakk challo , Dhoom etc . All we slept in our camp after that me and manav shared our sleeping bag .

Day – 2

After waking up first thing we packed our luggage and refreshed , after a little playing with friends we reached on breakfast table and there was waiting my Favorited snack MAGGIE ofcourse with bourvita milk too we had too drink but i enjoyed it .

Then after a little more playing we formed a queue to reach to river for our morning bath , there i played a prank with my friends i acted like i was sinking in water but actually i had my feet firmed on a rock 🙂 we were throwing water on each other . i saw some fishes there and caught them in my hands too ..then we went in our tent  to pickup our luagge to start returning journey , so i can share my experiences with my mom and dad .

To check pictures of this trip click – here 


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