Sports Day

Today was our sports day and i want to share my experience of the day . I am in dignity house and we achieved second rank today with 129 points yay!!!! After putting our bags in nursery section  i first participated in 100 mtr race in which i came first i felt happy for winning but sad as well because till then my parents didnt reach at the place 😦 i was waiting for them to cheer me up . next was short hurdle race in that also i came first where vani maam cheered me  🙂 . After that there was shot put and my parents were also there to cheer me up ,i did well in that 🙂 .

next we went for obstacle race and there i got second place in that race i slipped in the mud pond this much hard  , am sure my mom was thinking i took a bath in mud . still i was happy that with all that mud on my cloths i came second 🙂 .

now it was a meal break and as it was Friday so mom must have put some junk food too it was going to be a delicious meal , i was as thirsty that i could have finish oceans and hungry that much , could eat 5 elephants oh but i am vegetarian 🙂 . so here in my lunch box there was french fries and banana cake yummm along with orange flavored jelly juice so full with jelly .i finished all that with great speed also shared some with my friend manav .

after doing the lunch finally we went for my favorite event 200mtr but the thing was that i was not selected so i did masti with my friends . in all the events  vani maam  cheered me.

and after 200 mtrs we went for our 2nd   meal break and in that papa gave me 20 rs to buy another amool milk but as milk was not available there so i brought three chaach (butter milk) we drank them ,enjoyed very much and went home .


My kilad Trip

Recently i went to Kilad for camping with my schoolmates – all grade 2 students and our maams . We started in early morning and took our first break only after 1 and half hour for few mins and  we reached Kilad  in 3 hrs .

We discussed with our sir about the place and animals around . Camp site was just really awesome ,we had to stay in Tents .Those tents were settled on blocks of sand and held tightly with nails around . Our maams made some groups from us   ie – King cobra ,Leopard ,Elephant etc . I was in Elephant group with 5 of my friends  and didi . After taking a lunch break we had a nice river Bath – WOW . It was my second bath in river 🙂

After that we had another break to rest in our tents ,approx 1 hour , luv was the group leader who slapped jainam because he was doing some naughty things . In evening we went for trekking which i loved very much as it was like an adventure game with many levels , there was a robot shaped rock too we jumped from there . We had to walk on a muddy path full with puddles .I saw some deer also there . To cross the river we jumped like supermen from island to island  . when we reached to the end point a bus came to pick us up after half n hour rest , back to camp site .

After  having our dinner we watched a movie – Lion king 3 . The there was a camp fire for us , we danced a lot on different songs ie chamakk challo , Dhoom etc . All we slept in our camp after that me and manav shared our sleeping bag .

Day – 2

After waking up first thing we packed our luggage and refreshed , after a little playing with friends we reached on breakfast table and there was waiting my Favorited snack MAGGIE ofcourse with bourvita milk too we had too drink but i enjoyed it .

Then after a little more playing we formed a queue to reach to river for our morning bath , there i played a prank with my friends i acted like i was sinking in water but actually i had my feet firmed on a rock 🙂 we were throwing water on each other . i saw some fishes there and caught them in my hands too ..then we went in our tent  to pickup our luagge to start returning journey , so i can share my experiences with my mom and dad .

To check pictures of this trip click – here