Trip to Sasan Gir

I want to share my recent trip of Sasan Gir  ‘Wild life sanctuary for Asiatic lions’


I reached  here  to  gir  birding   lodge by seeing  – farms , huts,flowers and farms of cotton plants . In Lodge I  stayed in a cottage , there i saw trees of guava ,custard apple and mango . , in the trip my grand parents were also there along with us . Mine and grandparent’s cottages names are different  ,ours is Flycatcher and there’s is Owlet .

I  went  for  my lunch at  1:30  &  completed by 2:30.i  climbed  a  banyan   tree also.

I rested for an hour or so and then we went to somnath temple to do darshan of lord shiv We did darshan in two groups – first my mom and grand mom went, second me my dad and granddad went inside .After doing darshan outside of temple i saw the enormous arabian sea . after coming out of temple we took some snaps –

then we started for lodge , there our dinner was waiting for us . i was so so so tired and hungry that i could’ve take 9 bowl of vegetable with 5 rotis but actually i ate very little there and went straight to my cottage – flycatcher . had a nice sleep .

Day – 2

I woke up early to do Jungle safari . We went in a green safari jeep – me my grandparents parents ,guide and driver . I saw Deer ,Sambar ,snake and an eagle also , few peacocks  ,baby deer . So we saw all other jungle animals but strangely not the king of the jungle  – ‘The lion’ 😦 awe . It was really green and dense forest and a little cold ,i was shivering but i enjoyed a lot . On the way we saw a beautiful lake – ‘lake Madhubanti‘ ,we took a small break there – saw fishes and climbed on an old broken tower.when i went down i went I went to our jeep and to our cottage for pack up and go home but we did not go home because  it was not our plan we went to Rajkot and we stayed in Evershine hotel we stayed there for three days we did not do much fun  there but on the second day we went to watch the movie In which there were Heroes and Villains with a power called   H.A.R.T( Hertz, Amplifying, Resonence, Transmitter). After that we booked a ticket to our home, Surat and went home. And overall it was a good trip.


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