The Monkey’s Courage

It was a Monday morning, the beginning of our summer holidays, my mom and me had gone to the park nearby our house for a pleasant walk. This park where we went, was full of monkeys. A group of six monkeys was jumping around (thankfully not on the walking track) No worries, these were Langurs and wouldn’t attack. These were a part of the wildlife of the Vaishali Nagar Park in Jaipur, Rajasthan. While taking rounds around the park, we noticed a fight between a dog and the group of monkeys, I carefully observed it as the fighting level increased …

… initially the stray dog  was chasing the Langur, wherever the Langur went, the stray dog would stealthily follow the little old monkey. As we finished a couple of rounds, the baby monkeys (there were two) were also trapped in this situation. Now there were stray dogs, one chasing the monkeys and one behind the little baby monkeys. No worries, the baby was still protected by its mom. Another couple of rounds we took, to our surprise, the stray dog who joint afterwards escaped and ran away and the dog who was initially there was being chased by the monkeys. All the four adult monkeys were sick and tired with the dog(s) threatening the baby monkeys so they all turned from fast to furious and started chasing the ‘left alone’ dog gruesomely.

This was a funny as well as a hilarious moment for all the morning walkers. This was a great experience also i.e the monkeys showed up and made the dog run up in circles. While we were returning home we stopped outside the entrance of the park to see the dog run out of the park in terror as the monkeys took a great revenge on the dog. I observed all this down and read this story aloud to everyone who were at home this is the same story that you’ve just read.



What’s the IT part of science all about !!!!

Hi friends, do you want to know that what is IT[ Information Technology ] all about. Well I am going to tell you some facts like the structure of a battery, how wires when connected to batteries connect two electronic places and supply electricity etc.

So first we need to learn basics like how can electricity can be created easily.

Everything is made up of atoms. Each one of them has three particles : protons, neutrons and electrons. Electrons spin around the center of an atom. They have a negative charge  Protons, which are in the center of atoms, have a positive charge.Normally, an atom has as many protons as it has electrons. It is stable or balanced.

Carbon, for example has six protons and six electrons.Scientists can make electrons travel from one atom to another. An atom that loses electrons is positively charged, an atom that gets more electrons is negatively charged.

Electricity is created when electrons move between atoms. Positive atoms look for free negative electrons and attract them, so that they can be balanced.                                       So now you know how electricity is created.Yahoo 🙂 . Now next step.                                 You might be wondering that how electrons [ electricity ] can go through these rubber covered wires, am I right or wrong?

You know what is a battery cap, a real one has red and black wires in which  one end is attached to the sockets and the other end nowhere. These wires take energy from batteries.

The wires are covered with rubber, but they have metals inside them. For shock protection they are covered with rubber. As in chemistry we all know that metals are good conductors of electricity, that’s the reason they carry electricity in them

Enough of basics.Lets study the structure of batteries now

Even though there are many different types of batteries, they always have these main parts inside: a cathode, an anode, a separator, an electrolyte, and a collector.Some batteries might have more parts.

The cathode is the one that connects to the (+) positive terminal, and the anode is the one that connects to the (-) negative terminal. Between these two, also known as the electrodes, is where the chemical reaction takes place.

The separator is the one that separates the anode and the cathode from touching while the chemical reaction takes place between them.

The electrolyte is something that allows the electric charge to flow between the cathode and the anode.Lastly, the collector is the one that conducts the charge to the outside of the battery.

When wires connected to working batteries they carry electricity, why? why? why? does this happen , lets study this now.

We learnt that there is metal inside the wires, metals are good conductors of heat and electricity, batteries on both ends have metals  So when the metal part of the red wire touches the (+) part of the battery and the black wire touches the (-) part of the battery the base is formed. Now when the red wire touches the (-) part of ‘anything’ and the black wire touches the (+) part of ‘anything’ the electron transfer starts and that ‘anything starts working, hurray 🙂


A Briliant war

Hi friends, I want to tell you a story of Transformer Optimus prime after killing Megatron, He had a stronger enemy then Megatron it was the spark and core of Cybertron , It was Unicron he was more powerful than Megatron, It was the core of Cybertron it had such a big power to just kill and destroy the whole planet because he did not belong to that planet but in this war Alphatron helped them and with the shield of solus prime he just set the shield on the ground all over Cybertron so Unicron can’t  come out to destroy the Autobots Autobots took one of the left decepticons and put a piece of dark energon in him because it was the blood of Unicron and through it Autobots can reach him, they reached there but the question was that what should they do, there were some big birds they had to fight with and they easily defeated them and headed forward, they saw a big gate which kingsky broke and in it was Unicron who easily had wounded all autobots except Kingsky, he defeated Unicron with the help of Metrix of leadership. and finally Unicron was defeated!!!!! and one more victory of Kingsky!

The story of Transformers

    Hi, Friends, here I am telling about a story of Transformers.The name is

The Adventures of Optimus Prime

Optimus with his Autobots had to attack Megatron’s ship with their new weapon ,star-saver but the ship was defended by a shield which was only breakable by the star saver, they had to make a Difficult plan because the Deseptigons were better planners than the Autobots. the plans of Deseptigons were When the Autobots would attack, they will not attack back they would take their strongest weapon, “The Forge”, The dark star- saver and other strong weapons which were usable. Optimus went to spy on the Deseptigons and he came to know about their plans. The plan of Autobots was they go to their own planet and get the deadly weapon the ” The Inostrical Dark saver and when the Deseptigons came to take the Inostrical dark saver they would attack them The dark saver was with Optimus, When the Deseptigons came through the space bridge, Optimus Mistakenly threw the saver into the space bridge, it exploded and all the Deseptigons and Autobots went on on a Robotic world of Sgortron, The robots living over there thought that the Autobots and Deseptigons were a Devil to them. Deseptigons had more power so they managed to fight with the robots and the Autobots but the Autobots were not as strong. Optimus got an Idea, he went to the place where they had landed through the space bridge crash. He went there and found the Inostrical dark saver. He saw a ship landing, he called two of his strongest Autobots and he went to the ship and to their surprise it was an Autobot ship! with many attacking features!. An Autobot came out he was super in fights that I can’t explain. Meanwhile at the base Deseptigons had attacked, The new Autobot’s name was Kingsky, he entered his ship and and attacked the Deseptigons with his strongest grenade, whole group was destroyed who came to attack but many many more were left. Optimus prime joint kingsky in his team, when the robots attacked them it was more deadly than world war II it was amazing to see that kingsky killed most of the Deseptigons and Robots at the end of the deadly war Kingsky, Optimus and his Autobots were also wounded. Optimus prime in the cybertronein (the language of Autobots and Deseptigons) language means Prime minister the leader would observe any Autobot and if he would feel that this Autobot deserves to be a prime he gives them a Metrix. It happened with Kingsky also. After the deadly war the leader gave another metrix to King sky and his name converted into Kingskus prime. And so on I’ll write more stories about him and AND WE CAN NAME THE WAR IN THE STORY THE WORLD WAR III. You’ll be able to know about the more four deadly wars but in this story Megatron died..

A fun filled night out

Hi,friends ! I had a super night out with blood sucking mosquitoes. this was the schedule 

3:15 – 3:30    Arrival and brief up of activities

3:30 – 5: 30    Outdoor activities

5: 30 – 5: 45    Snack break

5:45 – 6:30      Tug of war and star game

6:30 – 7-30     Musical hulla hoop and passing the bottle

7:30 – 8:00     Dinner

8:00 – 9:00    Camp fire

9:00 – 10:00     Music and dance

!0:00                Lights out

Day – 2

6:00 – 6:30      Waking up

6:30 – 7:00     Nature walk

7:00 – 8:00       Breakfast

8:00                  Departure

Now lets see what we did in these events !!!. First when we reached we  kept our bags in our class and went to the Assembly to know the instructions. Then we went to the ground and played Tug of war in which One time boys lost and one time won as it was a Boys vs Girls then we played star game in which it was a tie and after we played a Frisbee kind of game in which vardaan sir said that Who won is the winner and who lose is also the winner so every body won. Then we were divided into two groups one played passing the bottle and one played hoop the hulla hoop and the Answers were not announced then it was night so we changed our clothes and wore our night suit  and danced on musics I only danced on allah duhai hai. Then we had our dinner and then we went for the camp fire in camp fire we played anthakshdi then we came to Assembly and again danced I and shreyansh my friend wanted to sleep I was little bit active reyansh was disturbing us I caught him so he can’ t disturb then we slept.


Day – 2

We woke up and got fresh and packed our luggage and went for breakfast and the from bus we went home and i told whole  journey to my mom this is how my blood sucking night out went. : – )

Summer holiday at Ranthambore Tiger reserve

We started our journey from Jaipur in car. We travelled with our family friends. .In middle we lost our way as my father was using his GPS system  ) : but finally we reached Ranthambore

When we reached first we ate our lunch , in between my mother went to choose cottage .Me and  my 1 friend also went along with her .  My cottage no. was C-3 and my family friends cottage no. was C-4 just next to us . First when we entered in our cottage we took some rest , then after waking up we went to take a trip of Sawaimadhopur .  We returned back at 8 pm , in dinner there was potatos curry , mix  vegetable, curd, Rotis , naans etc . After having the yummy dinner we we went in our family friends’ cottage to have a tea. My 2 friends were playing with me. After having the tea we went in our cottage and then we slept tight as we were very tired

                                           Day 1

The next day was my mothers birthday . We planed to take a safari and  to visit Gardh  Ganesh mandir after that ( we do visit mandir on birthdays to get blessings from god ). We got ready early in morning and went for safari in safari Jeep . there we were thinking that we will see tiger but we didn’t saw it  but we saw so many deers, peacocks, sambhars.So i got angry and in middle we feeded birds ,  after feeding birds i felt little better 🙂 and then we continued our safari . While returning we went to a restaurant named jaika , me and my friend khushi ate noodles and pav bhaji  ,adults ate rotis, naans and subji etc .After we returned back to our cottage we slept for half n hour . At 3 pm we got ready to visit Ganesh mandir in Ranthambore Fort  . My 1 friend took some biscuits  from her cottage and when we reached their a monkey snatched all her biscuits and my friend got scare , then i laughed ha, ha, ha. !!!

 we started to climb while climbing in fort we took break 3,4 times to click photographs of beautiful landscape and finally reached there. In mandir there were so many mouse.After the pooja we clicked some more photos and returned back so we can celebrate  my mothers birthday in our cottage . we planned our another safari next day early morning .

         Day 2

The next day we woke up early morning for the safari. Sadly this time we saw all the animals that we saw last time but not the tiger but this time no one but I saw the tail and the head of the tiger for my eyes are strong. When the safari was finished we went back to our cottage to pack up and the train tickets were booked so I happily went home : )